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PRECEPT Teens (13-18) Conferences and Summer Boot Camp
Transform Student Ministries is an equipping outreach of Precept Ministries International.
It exists to fulfill Precept’s mission and vision to each new generation:
To establish  people in God’s Word.

What Do TEENS Think About Boot Camp? (video interviews)


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"Without God, I wouldn't know who I was. I think identity is a really big thing because whenever we find out who we are, we decide what our morals are. We decide what our morals are, and what decisions we make. I'm starting to go out on my own, and I want to make sure that I have the most solid foundation. And I truly believe that dwelling in His Word daily-that I am establishing an awesome cornerstone that I can build an amazing house on throughout my life." [Jayme Cloninger]
Jayme Cloninger


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