How Can I Be Blessed?

that does not compromise
is promised a reward
in the world to come,
and also a life free from anxiety in this world.
Get a deeper understanding
of the fruit and security
that come with righteousness in the life of a true believer. You'll never look
at the Beatitudes
the same way again!

Kay's DVD set for this study includes teachings
on-location in Israel. 



Preparation   Spine

Lesson One
Lecture (Kay): When Heaven Touched Earth     [Jordan River]

Lesson Two                          Mt 5
Blessed are Poor in Spirit

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

Lecture (Kay): You Can KNOW Heaven's Yours    [ Mt of Beatitudes]

Lesson Three                       Mt 5
Blessed Are the Gentle
Lecture (Kay): Meeknes: Power Under Control       [Mt of Beatitudes]

Lesson Four                         Mt 5
Blessed Are Those Who Hunger & Thirst After Righteousness

Blessed Are the Merciful

Lecture (Kay): What Does TRUE Christianity Look Like? [ Sea of Galilee]

Lesson Five                          Mt 5
Blessed Are the Peacemakers, Persecuted

Salt of the Earth,
Light of the World

Lecture (Kay): We Are Salt & Light- Therefore, Persecution IS Coming                                                              [Mt of Beatitudes]

Lesson Six                              Mt 5
The Law

Lecture (Kay): What Does Jesus Say About the Law? [Mt of Beatitudes]

Lesson Seven                        Mt 5
You Have Heard...But I Say
Lecture (Kay): The Heart's Relationship with the Law  [Mt of Beatitudes]

Lesson Eight                          Mt 6
Give, Pray, Fast
Lecture (Kay): Is Your Heart Consistent with Righteous Acts? [Western Wall]

Lesson Nine                       Mt 6/ 7
Treasures, Worry, Judging
Lecture (Kay): Don't Be Anxious - God is Faithful        [ Mt of Beatitudes]

Lesson Ten                             Mt 7
2 Gates, 2 Trees, 2 Houses
Lecture (Kay): Do Not Judge...What Does He Mean??? [ Mt of Beatitudes & America]


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