The Christ,
The Son of the Living God

When Jesus came,
did people receive Him
as the promised Messiah?
What did they say about
His miracles and His teaching? What caused them
to call for His crucifixion?
He says He's coming back.
If He came today,
would people recognize Him? As you study Matthew Part 2, you'll gain a deeper understanding
of the resurrection
and its power
in your life.
Then take up the challenge
to share the gospel
with others.



Kay Arthur Precepts for Life: Audio Lectures (Go to "By Series" tab, then select "Matthew" for drop down list of topics)

Review: Matthew At-A-Glance (technical difficulties)

Lesson One          (14-15)
Growing in Faith

Cross-References (technical difficulties)
Events/Map:: Lessons in Faith
Matthew: Discipleship Principles
Definition: Faith
Hebrew Blessings
Cartoon: Feeding 5,000
Audio: Class Discussion
(David Arthur): Man's Tradition or God's Word

Lesson Two          (16-17)
Who Do You Say I Am?

Chart: Major Shift in Jesus' Message
The Leaven: Pharisees, Sadducees, Herodians
The Sanhedrin
PHOTO: Caesarea Philippi
Calendar: Feast of Tabernacles, Passover
Audio: Class Discussion
(David Arthur): What Are the Requirements Of...

Lesson Three        (18-19)
Lessons in Humilty

Chart: The IMPORTANCE of ...humility
Audio: Class Discussion
PHOTO: Millstone in Capernaum
(David Arthur): Who is the Greatest in the Kingdom

Lesson Four           (20-21)
Have the Attitude of Jesus?

Chart: Serving 'Til It Hurts
Chart: Passover Week
Psalm 118
Class Discussion: Not Available this week
(David Arthur): What Does it Take to Enter?

Lesson Five            (22-23)
Jesus' Last Word to Crowds
Chart: Jugment Begins in Household of God
Handout:  8 Blessings v. 8 Woes
Handout: 7 Kinds of Pharisees
Photo: Seat of Moses
Class Discussion: Not Available this week
Video: The Jewish Jesus: Lamb of God   (7 min)
(David Arthur): Who are the TRUE People of God?

Lesson Six             (24-25)
The Sign of Your Coming?

Audio: Class Discussion
(David Arthur): Why Does God Tell Us the Future?

Lesson Seven            (26)
The Ultimate Passover

Cross-References (technical difficulties)
Chart: The Last Supper...Just the Beginning!
Application: Hebrew 10 & 12
Map- Jerusalem
Laws of The Great Sanhedrin Regarding Trials-Broken
Class Discussion: Not Available this week
Photo: Mt of Olives - Garden of Gethsemane
Caiaphas' Courtyard
Photo: Sacred Pit, Psalm 88
Article: Meaning of the Passover        Video: Christ in the Passover
Video: The Jewish Jesus: Journey to the Cross  (6 min)
Music Video: I'll Rise Again by Dallas Holm
(David Arthur): Are You Ready?

Lesson Eight         (27-28)
Crucifixion, Resurrection, & Commission

Chart: (27) The Suffering Servant
Chart: (28) The Risen Lord
List: Was The Resurrection Necessary?
List: Teaching Them the Things I Commanded You
Application: The Kenosis
Audio: Class Discussion
Chart: Various Theories of The Resurrection
The Jewish Jesus: Suffering Servant    (7 Min)
Video: PAINTING-Resurrection of Christ
Video: A Kidz View of the Crucifixion, Resurrection
Music: Because He Lives
Music Video: Easter Song by Keith Green
(David Arthur): The End? Or Just the Beginning?
VIDEO: What if the Church....Made Disciples?
Make Disciples:The IMPERATIVE by Mike Oppenheimer



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