Ever wondered how
the New Testament connects to the Old?
This fascinating study of Hebrews 5- 13
explains relationships between the two covenants, the earthly and heavenly tabernacles, and the sacrifices of animals and the Son of Man.
See how Jesus fulfilled the Law and the Prophets
and became
our great High Priest. 







(Kay): The Godward Aspect of Salvation
(Wayne): The Believer's Need for Truth

Lesson One                        


(Kay): How Will I Ever Understand Hebrews?
(Wayne): You CAN Make it!

Lesson Two  


(Kay): In Spite of it All..There IS a Way!
(Wayne): Made for Fellowship

Lesson Three                          (5)
Aaronic Priesthood


(Kay): Help! Just When I Need Him Most
(Wayne): The Perfect High Priest

Lesson Four                            (6)
Babes & Mature Christians

(Kay): What Price Perfection?
(Wayne):Characteristics of Spiritual Immaturity

Elementary Principles

  Overview: Chart
Lesson 1: Chart Audio: Class Discussion (Not Available)
Lesson 2: Chart Audio: Class Discussion
Lesson 3: Chart Audio: Class Discussion

Lesson Five                      (6:4-8)

  (Kay): Understanding Heb 6:1-12, Pt 1
(Wayne): A Warning to Apostates

Lesson Six                               (7)
A Promise & An Oath

  (Kay): Understanding Heb 6:1-12, Pt 2
(Wayne):Failed? Yes - Condemned? No

Lesson Seven                          (8)
The Priesthood

(Kay): Be Encouraged! God Has Sworn & You Have a Priest Forever
(Wayne): A Word Rightly Spoken

Lesson Eight                           (8)
Old Covenant & New Covenant

(Kay): Are Things Tough- Don't Drift Away
(Wayne):The Better Ministry of Our Better High Priest

Lesson Nine                            (9)
The Tabernacle

(Kay): I'll Remember Your Sins No More
(Wayne): The Perfect Ministry of Our Perfect High Priest

Lesson Ten                              (9)
The Tabernacle

(Kay): Draw Near. The is Intimacy with God in the Sanctuary
(Wayne): The Greater Ministry of Our Greater High Priest

Lesson Eleven                         (9)

(Kay): It's Gone! For ALL Time, My Guilt is Gone!
(Wayne): Cleansed, to Serve

Lesson Twelve                      (10)

(Kay): Mercy Triumphs over Judgment
(Wayne): Blessed Assurance

Lesson Thirteen                    (11)
  (Kay):Habits of Faith that will Help You Endure
(Wayne): Don't Throw Your Walk Away

Lesson Fourteen                  (11)
  (Kay): The Only Faith that will Win God's Approval
(Wayne): The Just Shall Live By Faith

Lesson Fifteen                      (12)

(Kay): Lessons on Faith
(Wayne): New Covenant Faith

Lesson Sixteen                     (12)
Sins & Encumbrances
Root of Bitterness

  (Kay): You Didn't Quit and God is Not Ashamed
(Wayne): Eight Principles of God's Discipline

Lesson Seventeen               (13)
Two Mountains Contrasted
(Wayne): What A Friend I Have in Jesus

Lesson Eighteen                  (13)
Love of the Brethren, Strangers, & Prisoners
(Wayne): The Marks of Grace

Lesson Nineteen                  (13)
Final Exhortations
  (Kay): Equipped to Do HIs Will Despite the Pressures of Money, Morals
(Wayne): The Practical Effects of Grace


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