In these last days,
God has spoken to us
in His Son.
What does He say about Jesus, angels,
and our great salvation?
Learn about Jesus' superiority to all in this exciting study of Hebrews 1- 4
that enlightens and enlivens Old Testament
law and prophecy.







(Kay): You Can Make It!       (same as Philippians-0)
(Wayne): Being Spiritually Sane in an Insane World

Lesson One                        
  (Kay): Five Deadly D's That Destroy Faith
(Wayne): Princlples of Pressing On

Lesson Two

  (Kay): Hearing God
(Wayne):Danger of Drifting Away

Lesson Three                          (1)


(Kay): God Has Spoken- Oh, Won't You Listen
(Wayne): Describing the Indescribable Christ, I

Lesson Four                            (1)
Jesus > Angels

  (Kay): Fix Your Eyes on Him & You'll Survive
(Wayne): Describing the Indescribable Christ, II

Lesson Five                             (1)

(Kay): Jesus is Better Than the Angels
Excellency of the Incarnate Christ

Lesson Six                               (2)

  (Kay): What Happens When We Neglect What God Has Said...and Why
(Wayne): Importance of What God Has Said

Lesson Seven                          (2)
  (Kay): Persevere-God is Bringing You to Glory
Lecture (Wayne): Concerning the World to Come

Lesson Eight                           (3)
Jesus Becoming Man
  (Kay): Don't Fear- Satan's Power is Broken
(Wayne): Thank You for Saving My Soul

Lesson Nine                            (4)

  (Kay): You Can Hold Fast b/c He is Faithful
(Wayne): Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Lesson Ten                              (4)
House of God
  (Kay): Continuance in the Faith is the Evidence of Your Salvation (Transcript N/A...Technical Difficulty)
(Wayne): A Warning Against Unbelief

Lesson Eleven                         (4)
God's Rest
  (Kay): Oh, Don't Miss His Rest by Unbelief
(Wayne): The Eternal Rest of God


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