Overcoming Divisions & Difficulties
in the Body of Christ

Why are there so many divisions in the church?
Why does the church sometimes tolerate
Are you experiencing any of the same problems
that the Corinthians did in your own relationships
or in your church?
If you have similar questions, this study is an important resource

Learn how to pray by knowing God's mind and will
on divisions.
What does God say about marriage, divorce, remarriage? Tongues? Prophecy? Giving?

Paul addresses these issues raised by Corinthian believers.


NOTE: In 2011, this 2-part course was combined into ONE Part. The Lecture notes posted by Kay Arthur may  be called by new names in the NEW course, but are the same CDs..





  Spine (MS Publisher)
Key Word Bookmark
Author- Recipients Chart (Optional)
PowerPoint: Corinth
Paul's Relationship with the Church at Corinth
(Kay): Paul & The Church

Lesson One                        


Chart: Overview
(Kay): Sharing the Gospel

Lesson Two                              (1)
The Corinthians


Chart: Marks of a Genuine Believer
Bible List of "The Called"
(Kay):  The Apostles' Creed

Lesson Three                        (1-2)
Wisdom of God
Divisions in the Church

  x-ref: Paul's First Visit to Corinth
Jesus Died...According to the Scriptures
I' m of Paul...etc
Chart: God's Wisdom
"Church Words"
Faith/ Believe
Cartoon: Give An Answer
Answer: Christ Crucified
(Kay): The Gospel Message (Optional)

Lesson Four                         (3-4) Natural Man, Spiritual Man
The Crucified Life


x-ref: John 17
Proverbs: A Word to the Wise
Chart: Grow Thru God's Word
How to Pray for the Lost
(Kay): "Carnal" Christian?

The Carnal Christian
                      Debate: One or Two Natures
                       What is a Carnal Christian?
                          4 Views of Sanctification
Take Up Your Cross
Ten Mysteries of God
(Kay): Whom Do You Serve?
Pastor Appreciation Card (Outside)  (Inside)
Video Message: True/ False Converts (Ray Comfort)
Handout: True & False Converts
(Kay): Cry for Revival!

Lesson Five                          (5-6)
Judging Sin in the Church
Judging Disputes in the Church

x-ref                    Matthew 18
Flowchart: Church Discipline
Handling Specific Problems in the Church
General Principles for Church Discipline
(Kay): Immorality Among You? (Optional)
x-ref         "Lord"          Matthew 7
(Kay): Quarelling Among You?

Lesson Six                                 (7)
Singleness, Marriage
Divorce, Re-Marriage

Chart: God's Wisdom Concerning Marriage
Roman Law: Four Marriage Arrangements- MacArthur
Singleness- Nancy DeMoss
Lecture (Kay): What Does God Say: Divorce, Living Together       (Optional)
Important Biblical Passages on Marriage, Divorce
Word Studies: Called, Bound, Remain, Released
(Kay): Questions about Sex, Marriage, Divorce

Lesson Seven                        (8-9)
Liberty & Idols
Chart: How Does My Freedom Affect Others?
Concerning Idols   MacArthur
(Kay): My Rights? It's NOT About Me

Lesson Eight                           (10)
My Life Reflects My Faith
5 Eternal Crowns
(Kay): Is God Pleased with Your Life?

Lesson Nine                            (11)
Traditions, Coverings, Communion
(Kay): Do I Look, Live Appropriately?

Lesson Ten                        (12-14)
Spiritual Gifts
Spiritual Gifts
1 Corinthians 13...at Christmas
(Kay): Now Concerning Spritual Gifts...

Lesson Eleven                        (15)
The Gospel
Theories of the Resurrection       Josh McDowell
PROOF: Map of Resurrection Appearances
PROOF?: Shroud of Turin
(Kay): What is the REAL Gospel? (Optional)

Lesson Twelve                  (15-16)
The Resurrection
Summary Exhortations
Corinth: Various Philosophies of  "Afterlife"
(Kay): Life After Death
15 Differences Bet. the Rapture, Second Coming

Summary Exhortations
Photo: "Know Before Whom You Stand"
(Kay): The Resurrection-What's It Like?


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