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We believe that our Monday night Precept group is a strong community group and will continue to devote our energies with this group of like-minded believers who yearn for God's truth through His Word.
Henry & Cheryl Yennie




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Leader Helps

Leader's Planning Guide: Lesson "Ingredients"

Overviews & Discussions

Video: Should I have a Class Orientation?                              (1 min) 
Precept Radio:
How to Conduct a Successful Overview, by Jodie Essex
TRANSITIONS: Keeping Discusions on Track
Useful Phrases for Discussion Leaders

Mentoring New Leaders PDF: Encouraging Potential Bible Study Leaders
PDF: Tips for Preparing, Presenting, & After Class Evaluation

Practical Classroom Tips Make a Rolling Whiteboard: Blueprint
White Shower Board: Recommendations for Type, Cleaning, etc
Cleaners: Goof Off 2 (Walmart), Lacquer Thinner, Nail Polish Remover, Bounce Fabric Softeners
Avery Write-On Cling Sheets
3M Post-It Easel Pad 25"x30"


                                              INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY
                       Video: Precept Around the World                        (7 min)
Brazil   (6 min)     Peru  (5 min)   Germany (6 min)  England  (4 min)

Mia & Costel  (7 min)   Persecution (1 min)  Islamic Nations (1 min) 
Armenia (1 min)   Russia  (1 min)  Russia ( 1 min)  Romania (1 min)
Moldova: Vasile (1 min) Violetta 1 2 3 (2 min) Svetlana 1 2 3 (1 min)
                   Sasha 1
2  (4 min)   Anastasia (1 min)

Lightning Studies

Psalm 23- Living Your Life with Confidence
Psalm 56 - Trust in God
Psalm 119: 25-40 - Revive Me, Teach Me
Isaiah 53- Salvation, Who Pays?
Jeremiah 15: How Will You Respond to Persecution?
Matthew 6: Seek First the Kingdom of Heaven
Matthew 28 - The Great Commission
John- The Light of the World
John 17: What Does It Mean to be a Disciple?
Philippians 4: God's Formula for Peace
Thessalonians - Living as God's Restrainer of Evil

NT- Running to Win!

Art, Graphics




Visual BIble
Bible Picure Gallery
Answers in Genesis
Good Salt   (Framable Art)
Glo Bible App
Bible 360 App

E Bible Teacher
Sound Snap

What Does a Precept Leader Look Like?
What I Have Learned as a Precept leader
How to Handle Criticism...:)
Video Song:Will You Love Jesus More?
                       ( A Leader's Purpose: That JESUS be Remembered More!)

Chuckles Cartoon- Your Bible Study is in Trouble When....
Cartoon- Other Interpretations


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